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Samsung 2015 - JS95xx, JS90xx, JS85xx 4K TV - hlavné vlákno (11472)|8.4.2015 15:13
Samsung 2015 SUHD modely:


Samsung UE65JS9500 (65″)
Samsung UE78JS9500 (78″)
Sasmung UE88JS9500 (88″)


  • Samsung UE65JS9000 (65")

  • Samsung UE55JS9000 (55")

  • Samsung UE48JS9000 (48")



  • Samsung UE48JS8500 (48″)

  • Samsung UE55JS8500 (55″)

  • Samsung UE65JS8500 (65″)


Line15.jpg Samsung_S_UHD_TV_Infographic_Wide.png JS9500-bandeau.jpg samsung-js9090-s-uhd-tv-curved-550x520.jpg UE48JS9000_a.jpg samsung-js8590-s-uhd-tv-curved-550x528.jpg 729975676.JPG (11472)|8.4.2015 15:51

Samsung UE65JS9000 SUHD TV Review

Samsung UE65JS9500 SUHD TV Review

Vyzera to, ze Samsung rovnako ako pri aktualnych smartfonoch S6/S6 Edge skusa, kto bude ochotny za tieto TV zaplatit Ł5999 (uvadzacia cena). Vzhladom k tomu, ze aktualny 65" TOP model vo fullHD s 240Hz panelom sa predava za ~ 2000 euro, su naozaj velki optimisti .....
najx (233)|9.4.2015 09:13 (11472)|9.4.2015 12:08
Ano, US verzie su flat. V Europe si manazeri pretlacili curved verzie. Takze co uz.
Viac tu

[SPOILER]Samsung JS8500 (4K)
JS8500 is the last member of the S’UHD family and it too will be able to reproduce more colors. It is more or less the same TV as JS9000, but not as slim and elegant.
Flat (in the US) / curved (in Europe)
[/SPOILER] (11472)|14.6.2015 23:30 (11472)|26.8.2015 22:52
[h=1]Samsung UE55JS9000 Curved TV Review[/h]

Surveying the field, the Samsung 55JS9000′s main competition comes from LG’s 55EG960V OLED TV, Sony’s KD-55X9305C and Panasonic’s TX-55CX802B. While the LG, Sony and Panasonic hold the upper hand over the Samsung in outright black level, dimming effectiveness and colour accuracy respectively, none could outperform the UE55JS9000 as a complete package for enjoying movies, sports and video games. Because of its upgradeable One Connect Box and already-available HDR playback, the 55″ Samsung JS9000 is also the most future-proofed among the lot – it truly is a jack of all trades, and master of some. (11472)|25.9.2015 20:13
[h=1]Samsung UE78JS9500 SUHD TV Review[/h]The Samsung UE78JS9500 delivers big-screen thrills in spades with its FALD-enriched blacks, realistic-looking colours, best-in-industry upscaling, high motion clarity and uber-low input lag. Although many prospective buyers will be tempted by the Sony KD75X9405C which represents better value for money especially after a recent price cut to a bargainous Ł5999, only the Samsung can read and process HDR metadata correctly at this time of publication, and of course the JS9500 offers a degree of future-proofing with its hot-swappable One Connect Box.
nicon (15)|28.11.2015 09:13
Zdravím, vybírám tv, mám možnost mít tuhle tv zhruba za 10000,-. Doma mám satelit Gigablue HD Quad+, kde mi běží youtube,hbbtv apod., otázka zda má smysl kupovat smart tv a zda někdo nemá s touhle tv zkušenosti.