Citace Původně odesláno od Zobrazit příspěvek
Trosku zabudnuty prispevok, ale nahodou som narazil na porovnanie technologii, kde sa popisuje preco je to tak:
(takisto aj pre Antonina )


As for image quality, certain problems still dog plasma technology. These problems are essentially due to the nature of the pixels. Since a plasma pixel needs an electrical discharge to emit light, a pixel is either lit or unlit, but has no intermediate state. Therefore manufacturers use a method called PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) to control brightness.

The method is simple. To light a pixel brightly, it's lit very frequently. To get a darker shade, it's lit less often; the user's eye calculates a kind of temporal average. This method is functional, but several problems are associated with it. Most significantly, while it's effective for medium and bright colors, darker colors suffer from the reduced quantification, making it more difficult to distinguish between two dark shades.
While the technology results in a uniform image when the viewer is far enough from the panel, it causes visual discomfort at close distances. It's generally accepted that the human eye isn't capable of distinguishing flickering if the frequency is above about 85 Hz, but that's not exactly true. In fact, the eye is perfectly capable of doing so, but the brain can't "render" the images that fast. Consequently, an image at 85 Hz can cause eye fatigue without the viewer even being aware of the flickering.

That's unfortunately the case with plasma pixels. The flickering can be a cause of discomfort if you're too close to the panel. So, the image on a plasma display is bigger, but you have to be that much farther away from it. Consequently, the immersion experience is no more intense.
Hmm zajimavy, ja teda v obchode kdyz projdu kolem plazem tak se mi taky zda, ze periferne blikani vidim. Z vetsi vzdalenosti uz ne. Ale rikal jsem si ze to bude nejaka interference se zarivkama co do toho perou. V tom clanku nepisou o jaky se jedna frekvence, ale predpokladam, ze by mela byt minimalne v radu kHz a to by snad fakt nemelo byt videt a na ciste bily by to vlastne nemelo byt videt vubec. No radsi to jeste omrknu.
Mimochodem co rikas na phosphor trailing (green ghosting atd)? Vidis, nevidis, vadi to?